What is this website about?
"The Puzzle"

Some Big Pieces

Why are we here, floating through Space on this stunningly beautiful and rare planet Earth? Is our Solar System an accident? Is humanity an accident and chance result of evolution? Are you and I accidents, waiting to die and just cease to exist when we die? Is there a God and what is He 'up to'? Is there a Devil and what is he 'up to'? Why is the history of mankind filled with perpetual wars and atrocities against our own kind? Will that ever end? Who is 'running the show' here on Earth and what are they 'up to'? Who is 'making a killing' from the perpetual killing of humanity? Who is telling us 'what's happening' and are they telling us the Truth? If not, why not? Can we ever 'get' to the Truth? Is Truth 'out there' in Space? Why are they spending trillions of dollars by studying what's in Space instead of solving the problems of human misery and suffering? Who is making those decisions? When is it 'all going to end' and then what happens? Who was/is Jesus the Christ and why is He sooooooo important? What are we supposed to do about any of this? Can we do anything about any of this? Hmmmmmm........

Some Smaller Pieces - A Short And Random List
(10 'Biggies' are Red - 10 'Extra Special Pieces' are Black)


God's 'Chosen People' (Jews)
The State of Israel
Zionism and Zionists
The 'Israel Lobby'
Christianity and 'Christians'
The Pope and the Roman Catholic Church
The Middle East
President Bush
Osama and Al-Qaeda
The Bush Government
Hitler and Nazism
The 'Religious Right'
The MIC (Military-Industrial-Complex)
The Military Establishment
Capitalism and Corporations, including Multinationals
The 'Illuminati'
The Intelligence Establishment (Mossad, CIA, FBI, NSA, MI6, etc., etc., etc.)
The 'Mainstream Media'
Terror and the 'War on Terror'
The Bombing of Afghanistan
The Invasion of Iraq
Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Floods and other 'Acts of God'
The Federal Reserve
Economic Depressions
Asset Bubbles
The Patriot Acts
The Holocaust
Paper Money
Do these pieces (and many others) have a unique place in The Puzzle? YES, they do! Can we determine what the pieces mean and what The Puzzle will look like when it is complete? YES, we can! Can we tell what other pieces are yet to fall into place? YES, we can! Can we do anything about the future - our personal future? YES, we can! - and we MUST! "I once was blind but now I SEE!" This website is intended to help you SEE! The Puzzle and to recognize the important pieces. The most important basis for the Epiphanies and Truths on this website is God's guiding Light, supported by personal experience.

Understanding The Puzzle

'God's guiding Light, supported by personal experience' is not the same as reason! Reason comes afterwards. Theodore Austin-Sparks explained this very well in the following quotation from his lectures titled "Overcomers":

We were saying that these are not just abstract ideas, this is positive, practical, experimental knowledge, the result of the free action of Divine life in us, the mystery and wonder, the marvel of Divine life within which knows no limitations. Thus, fullness is governed by two things. Firstly by life and spirituality. Those two are one, one is but the definition of the other. Life and spirituality; it is spiritual life, it is a spiritual state which that life produces. It is related entirely to all spiritual things, related to association with God, union with God, knowledge of God. That life makes the link and defines the nature of spirituality. Fullness is based upon that. If any of us live on the basis of nature, in the measure in which we do that, we are unspiritual and miss God. If, for instance, you are just trying to get round and get over the immensities of God's thoughts by reason, projecting your head into that realm and trying to comprehend with natural reason, you will not only do yourself harm and bring yourself to despair, but you will miss the way entirely. This requires the renewed, re-born spirit indwelt and taught by the Holy Spirit. You people who call yourselves thinking people, your reaction is, Where does human reason come in? Is it not a Divine gift? Yes; but it is an after instrument. You do not begin with it. You have to have it in order to communicate with other people who are on the same level, rational people. To be able to say to others what God has shown to you requires your brain, but you never get that revelation by means of your brain. You will undo yourself if you try, and you will miss the way. So it is on any other line of the natural, we will miss the way. How often we have been brought to the point where in despair we have said, I give it up, I cannot see, I cannot understand! and we have fallen down before the Lord and said, I have extended myself to the last fraction to try and understand and apprehend; now I give it up unless you show and reveal it to me. In the very simplest way, with the greatest of ease, light just begins to filter through, and you do not know exactly when it happened, but you are able to say,

I SEE now!

That is the nature of spiritual knowledge. It is always like that, it will ever be like that. It is life, it is spirituality. It is that you are in living union with God, and not as merely a fact but a process, you are continually living in union with God.

Putting The Pieces In Place

This website cannot be understood unless you examine it totally (including the links) and carefully, from beginning to end. A picture is worth a thousand words. Study the pictures and graphs carefully. Look at the facial expressions. Recognize the symbolism (crosses, mirrors, reflections, shadows, shapes, colors, blood, tears, facades, black dogs, skulls, etc.) and think about what they mean. Interpret the accompanying words in the context of the pictures and the entire site. Here are just 2 examples: 9-11 is a Crucial Piece - NOT the 'Official' explanation but the Truth! (that's why it is so prominent on the website). When that Truth finally becomes obvious, many other pieces will fall into place and become clearly visible. 9-11 marked the beginning of WWIII and the coming annihilation of Israel through God's wrath. Another Crucial Piece is Terror ('War on Terror'). It is a fabrication of Zionists and the MIC, with Bush as the front-man, to create a phony enemy and to justify the creation of a perpetual Police State in America (de facto Dictatorship and Fascism). This is not an idle claim but I'm speaking from personal experience within the MIC (Bellcore and SAIC - see www.novalight.net). The pattern for this is Hitler's Nazi Germany. Note the extraordinary parallels between Hitler's rise to power in Nazi Germany and Bush's rise to power in Zionist/Neocon-controlled America. It's 'uncanny', isn't it!? ('uncanny' = of supernatural or devilish origin). Every object on the website and all of the words are essential pieces of The Puzzle of humanity's Past, Present and Future. The Word of God (Holy Bible) is interwoven with the people, pictures and events painted on this cyberspace canvas. Note that the Word of God is living and powerful - and fits the events of our time. That time is coming to a close, consistent with biblical prophesy.

Satanic Forces have been unleashed and Evil has taken possession of deceived and deranged human beings (Illuminati, Zionist leaders, 'Religious' leaders, Bush, Neocons and others) who will carry out the commands of their evil spirit masters in a last, desperate but futile effort to deceive, debase and destroy humanity and the souls of men and women. On the other side stands God with His angels and those men and women who have chosen to be in His Light instead of in Darkness. The last battle between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness will be fought by and within each person. Your turn to resist Evil and say 'NO!' will come. Expect it and prepare for it! The approaching RFID chip is a clear example. Just say 'NO!'. The price for that 'NO!' may be severe, including isolation, incarceration, pain and death. You will need the power of Christ's blood and the Word of God to withstand the Devil's onslaught. Know that God will be with you and He will NEVER forsake you, IF you are a disciple of Christ. Whatever you suffer will have a purpose and will be a trifle compared with what Christ suffered!

God's entire Creation is groaning for release from the chains of Death and Darkness and is waiting expectantly for the return of Christ, for the regeneration of the world and for the birth of a new, spiritual humanity. God's victory is assured but your personal victory (Eternal Life with God) is at stake and of great importance to God - He wants as many Christ-like men and women (His future Sons and Daughters) as possible on which He will bestow Eternal Life with Himself and also His unfathomable blessings! That's why He created our planet earth and humanity - to select those who will worship Him of their own Free Will, who have been perfected by their Faith in Christ and His promises and who have been purified by the blood of the Lamb, His Son. We are not accidents. For God so loved the world (us), that He sacrificed His only begotten Son, Jesus the Christ, to redeem us from the enslavement of Satan and from the deserved punishment for our sins (Eternal Life without God - the Second Death).

We cannot escape from the coming End-Time events and wrath of God without God's Grace and Mercy - regardless of what some people may claim. There is no place of safety to which you can run, unless God guides you there. There is no safety in gold or silver or anything else. Prayer and the Hand of God will lead you to the right steps to reach the safety of God's Kingdom and the 'New Jerusalem'. Your preparation for these events must be spiritual, not physical. Prayer will help!

While we wait and watch and pray, life goes on and so let us live it joyfully and expectantly and to the fullest, as God intended, until the last trumpet sounds. If you are a believer in Christ and in the Salvation offered through Him alone, then you need fear no Evil - your body may be destroyed but your Spirit will live eternally with God. If you are not a believer, you had best seek Him diligently and earnestly while there is still Time! It's not necessary to join some 'Church' to be saved - a simple confession of your sin and a humble request for forgiveness and acceptance of Jesus the Christ as your Savior, Lord and God is all that is needed. The Cross of Christ, to which some of us have already come or still must come, was created just for us! - because God loved us while we were still sinners.

Hearing is Believing!
(The Radio Ministry of Greg Laurie led me to Christ in 1987)

The eternal plan of God for humanity is about to be fulfilled - Hallelujah and Amen! And 'YES', the Cross of Christ (and the awesome events that transpired on that Cross) is the centerpiece of The Puzzle. Without that piece in the right place, The Puzzle cannot be solved! Many are trying to solve The Puzzle without that piece in the Center or even without it! - it is a vain effort.

May the Grace of God be with you and may He enlighten you with His TRUTH!



And Who is this website For?
YES, my Anonymous Friend, it's For


Click above for Luther's treatise on Zionists (he called them 'Jews')

Like Martin Luther, "I can do no other" (compelled by need)


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Fellowship in Christ
on the Stairway to Heaven
(May 4, 2008)

I had a dream last night about sharing my vision in these 'last days' with like-minded followers of Christ. Since starting this website over 10 years ago, I've received occasional emails, including 1 a few years ago from someone (a black engineer at Motorola) who was brought to tears by my website and who wanted to know if he could 'join' the Sons of Light. I told him then that this is not a sect or a cult or any sort of organized group and that membership in Sons of Light is simply a voluntary sharing of the vision expressed here.

I believe in letting the Lord do the leading in any 'ministerial' activity and perhaps His time has come to more actively share this vision with as many people as He will call to do so. There are some people with their own websites who have a vision which is similar to mine, at least in part. Pastor David Meyer, Christopher Bollyn and Texe Marrs come to mind.
I'm sure that there are others.

If you've come to this place, you probably know that humanity is at the threshhold of the End Times. Some of us are called to be witnesses of Jesus and in some way, each of us will be asked to give our testimony of Jesus before we are called home to Heaven. We don't know exactly when or how, but we know it will be (relatively) soon. :)

If you would like to share your vision with me and others who are of a 'like mind and heart' about Jesus, [either personally (email) or in some sort of 'by invitation only' blog - I don't know exactly what's available in cyberspace and how that might work?], you are invited to post a comment on my blog for May 4, 2008 ("Fellowship in Christ"). The purpose is mutual edification and encouragement, as we enter the most exciting and challenging time in the history of mankind.

What is the 'common ground' of the Sons of Light? It is the 'pre-eminence of Christ in all things'.
This is a 'Levitical Ministry' (see T. Austin-Sparks' website for the meaning).
We may have differences of opinion in many other matters.

If you are 'in Christ', may our Lord bless you and your work in His service!