Lebanon crisis reveals an Anti-Jewish Israeli State

published in 'The Canadian' - 20 July, 2006

by Joshua Stein


Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert along with his confederates who bombs innocent civilians in Lebanon, in the name of protecting a 'Jewish State' has committed a great apparent abomination against Jewish law.

Hezbollah militants crossed into Israel in mid-July 2006 and captured two Israeli soldiers. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert calls the soldiers' capture "an act of war." Israel then responds in southern Lebanon with warplanes, tanks and gunboats, among other forms of military retaliation. U.S. President George W. Bush responds a couple of days after Israel's abrupt military response by rejecting a request by Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora to support calls for an immediate ceasefire on Israel.

Members of the Israeli government including Prime Minister Olmert refer to themselves as Jews, who are champions of the Jewish State of Israel as Mr. Bush refers to himself as a "Christian" champion. However, the current crisis in Lebanon has nothing substantively to do with either Judaism or Christianity.

The hideous intelligence of Jewish and Christian impostors

Israeli elites who bomb innocent Lebanese civilians are influenced by the Leo Strauss, who was a Zionist who sought to re-create German Nazism in a scheme of "World Domination".

Judaism, and the Christianity that Jesus inspired, are religions which embrace peace, and a related system of social ethics. In contrast, the perpetrated actions by Israeli elites and their U.S. neo-conservative allies against innocent Lebanese civilians, reveals a hideous intelligence far from the spirit of either Judaism or Christianity.

The perpetration of a criminal act of a group who kidnaps two soldiers, does not justify the infliction of or the loss of not even one innocent life of a human being. Indeed, the Lord's Commandments to both the Jews and the Christians is "Thou Shall not Kill". Israel to-date is already responsible for thousands of casualties, maimings, and injuries. However, it is apparent that these modern day Israelis along with their allies, have turned their back against the enlightened messages of the Torah. That action is somewhat reminiscent of early Israelites who turned to worshipping the "Golden Calf", when Moses was on Mt. Sanai. The "Golden Calf" has symbolized the worship of idoltry and of materialism, and has resulted in the execution of venality, and of iniquity.

Jewish social responsibility ignored

Pursuant to the Torah, every Jew is a guarantor for every other Jew. Judaism teaches you're either part of the problem or you're part of the solution. Being a bystander is not an option. Therefore, any Jew who turns a blind eye to the apparent unethical conduct of a self-professed "Jewish State" shares the responsibility in the "Crimes against Humanity" that are being mischievously perpetrated in the name of Judaism.

Is Israel in fact, a Jewish State in the spirit of the Torah?


If Israel was in fact a 'Jewish State', its leaders would unconditionally express lovingkindness, civility, empathy, and peace in a spirit of social justice. Israel would be a model Just Society, in the world where Jews, Palestinians, other Arabs, and other peoples would live side by side, with an equitable quality-of-life, and with a spirit of cross-cultural sharing and understanding. However, the actions of Israeli elites have once again shown in Lebanon that they do not value the lives of non-Israelis, who have no ill will toward them. The reckless bombing of Lebanese civilians for the kidnapping of two soldiers by the criminal actions of a group, shows the very apparent racist and fascistic Israeli mentality, which is at the heart of creating the conditions for crises in the Middle East. Indeed, the Palestinians and other Arabs in "Greater Israel" are treated even worse than had black Africans in apartheid South Africa. Palestinians and other Arabs are also viewed by the very elites who attack Lebanon, with apparently not much higher regard, than the blacks had been viewed in the former apartheid regime. Prevailing Israeli elites do not express the vital spirit of Judaism in their actions.

Actual Judaism challenges the mis-deeds of Israeli elites

This is the spirit of Judaism: A Rabbi and Imam shaking each other's hand in a spirit of mutuality, peace, and cross-cultural appreciation.

Judaism, reveres G-d as creating the Universe, the Heavens, the Earth and all its living creatures. When Israeli elites bomb and kill thousands of innocent civilians in Lebanon, they are defiling the spirit of G-d in everyone. When such activities are done in the name of defending a "Jewish State", these Israeli elites further compound the mischief in their German Nazi 'SS' type of barbarity.

Jews, including substantively Jews who are citizens of Israel, have a responsibility, in part to champion peace among all nations, rather than executing oppression and inflicting war among all the nations. This special duty is associated with Jews having pledged a Covenant with G-d concluded with the biblical patriarch Abraham, their ancestor, and again with the entire Jewish nation at Mount Sinai. Within this view, Jews are charged with embracing a standard of spiritually inspired social ethics to help usher a sought era of ever-lasting global peace.


This is NOT the spirit of Judaism, but rather, and Israeli State that turns it back to Jewish law and social ethics: Israeli army tank facing-off against Palestinian child, or woman of Arab background showing a photo of a member of the Israeli woman pointing a gun at a woman and her children.

The Guiding Principles of Reform Judaism, Columbus, Ohio, 1937, for example, specifically states "We regard it as our historic task to cooperate with all men in the establishment of the kingdom of God, of universal brotherhood, Justice, truth and peace on earth. This is our Messianic goal."

Contrary to the actions of Israeli elites in Lebanon, Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik writes "Even as the Jew is moved by his private Sinaitic Covenant with G-d to embody and preserve the teachings of the Torah, he [or she] is committed to the belief that all humankind, of whatever colour or creed, is "in His image" and is possessed of an inherent human dignity and worthiness. Rabbi Malkiel Kotler, dean of the Haredi Lakewood Yeshiva, in the commentary entitled 'The Real Truth About the Talmud' writes "Our philosophy asserts that every human being is created in the image of the Lord and the primacy of integrity and honesty in all dealings without exception. I strongly repudiate any assertions in the name of Judaism that do not represent and reflect this philosophy."

Rabbi David Weiss Outside the Israeli Consulate at Rally Co-sponsored by Islamic Center of Jersey City, and related groups in October 2000, stipulated that "The Jewish people are commanded by Almighty G-d to live in peace with all peoples and nations on the face of the globe." Rabbi Weiss affirmed that "Our national agenda [as Jews] is simple -- It is to humbly worship the Creator at all times," by in part, showing empathy, and respect for each other in a spirit of mutuality.

"As Torah Jews" Rabbi Weiss says "we are called upon to feel and express our sense of compassion when any person or group of human beings suffers. This includes the current suffering of the Lebanese, and the on-going sufferings of the Palestinians. In the words of King David, the Psalmist, "And His Mercy is upon all His creatures. All men are created in the image of G-d."

Rabbi Weiss further made representation that "When we look at the cauldron of suffering which the Middle East has become for the Palestinian people, we stand back aghast -- homes and lives lost, family suffering, the list goes on and on."

Why have the tragic events of last 52 years come to pass?

Rabbi David Weiss expresses the Jewish spirit, in solidarity with Muslims and other peoples.

Rabbi Weiss indicates that "The answer lies in one word - Zionism." Zionism is in fact, a form of neo-fascism. Having had many relatives who lost their lives in the Holocaust, the hypocritical Israeli elites now inflict their own brand of neo-fascism, in the form of militaristic and racist Zionism.

Rabbi Weiss indicates that "Zionism has misled some Jews into thinking that there exists a need to pursue aggressive policies against the Palestinian people (and other peoples in Middle East) to steal their land and persecute their people."

This is hardly surprising as it is a creed in direct opposition to the basics of Jewish faith, which pivots on the enlightened messages of the Torah.

Rabbi Weiss refers to Zionism as "an embarrassment to the Torah Jew.", and further stipulates that "Our prayers for the Messianic era are centered on the future -- a future when G-d alone, without any human involvement, will redeem all humankind, who will then worship Him together in peace.

The Torah's ways are peace. Indeed, furthermore, centuries ago, Micah the Prophet, offered a vision of peace. No longer ruled by war and violence, humans would live together, unharmed, and content. Lo yisa goi el goi cherev lo yilmedu od milchama.

Bombings not the actions of a "Jewish" State....

The bombing of Lebanon is therefore not the actions of a "Jewish" State. The bombing of Lebanon is also not even the actions of even a State concerned with protecting "the lives of soldiers", or even simply 'national boundaries'. The lives of all Israeli soldiers that are now significantly further threatened, could have been spared by a truly responsible Jewish response, to such kidnapping. Indeed, arguably, the kidnapping would have not have occurred in the first place, if the ways of peace expressed in the Torah had been embraced by an ethical Israeli State governance. The bombing of Lebanon also certainly did not make Israeli citizens feel more secure, as retaliatory military strikes are unleashed into Israel from southern Lebanon.

The mythology of the "fight against terrorism"

According to reports in the mass-media, that include the Zionist and neo-conservative CanWest Global, Israel had to act in the way that it has militarily perpetrated, in order to deal with "Hezbollah terrorists". However, it is self-evident that this is propaganda. Rather, the best and also ethical way to deal with such a criminal elements associated with Hezbollah (and other groups like Hamas), is to alleviate the atrocious oppressive socio-economic conditions perpetrated by Israeli elites, in the areas where Hezbollah gets its recruits. Such an alternative critical appreciation is inspired by the wisdom of the Jewish Torah.

However, the actions of the Israeli elites, (along with their U.S. neo-conservative backers), are not aimed at combating terrorism. On the contrary, it is apparent that these elites seek to substantively "fan the flames" of so-called "terrorism", so that these elites can have a contrived justification to inflict more oppression, and human suffering. It is apparent that these elites have sold out, and have exchanged the Torah and the Bible, for the quest of the pursuit of a plan of oppression, bullying, provocation, and "World Domination".

Architects of War seek a "New World Order"

When Newt Gingrich indicated in the U.S. media, that "we are already into World War III", he was simply expressing the apparent 'wishful thinking' of the hideous intelligence of neo-conservative elites. These elites talk of "anti-Terrorism", while engaging in conduct that provokes so-called "terrorism".


In the apparent mentality of elites, a World War III is not to be 'avoided', but to be carefully "planned", alongside Corporate "Globalization", so that the "right people" can rule the Earth, and control, as well as, use, its resources. In the apparent 'wishful thinking' for World War III, betrayed by Gingrich's comments, such a War would necessitate permanent "martial law", so that "liberal democracy" can be done away with, once and for all. This process has already been taking place in the United States, and other societies, under the elite contrived so-called "War on Terrorism". It is apparent that fascistic neo-conservatives that include 'anti-Jewish' Israeli elites, deplore the sharing of power with the "inferior races of the world" domestically, and through democratic inspired fora like the United Nations. In the view of neo-conservatives , World War III would usher into the world a "Golden Area" of jingoistic totalitarian rule under the direct of "rich" owners of capital, who would consolidate the so-called "New World Order".

In the process, the elites who prevail over an agenda of oppression via war and "Globalization" believe that the Lebanese and other Muslims, whether Hezbollah or not, are all guilty of being "inferior races". The senseless bombing of innocent civilians in Lebanon by Israeli elites, backed by U.S. neo-conservatives, can only be explained if, these elites do not value the lives of innocent human beings, who are culturally different peoples. This is the apparent psychopath-like fascist prism that now shapes the seekers of a "New World Order", in which Lebanon is another sought step to that sought goal.